Center on Halsted’s team of clinicians—staff, graduate students and both volunteer and contractual therapists—helps to meet the mental health needs of Chicago's LGBTQ community and caring allies—just as we have done for more than 30 years. We offer a number of different mental health services and opportunities for community members, including psychotherapy for individuals and couples, group counseling and referrals. 

In addition, we offer comprehensive, licensed training for mental health graduate students and practitioners. Go here for information on student training opportunities

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Overview of Service Areas

Services are provided on a sliding scale basis. We also accept a number of insurance plans including Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO. Psychotherapy may be free of charge for individuals with low incomes and living with HIV or experiencing relationship violence. Our services areas included the following:

Programs and Services


We are expert mental health professionals offering affirming services in a safe and supportive environment. Our clinical team consists of full time staff, volunteer and contractual psychotherapists and graduate student interns. We provide the following modalities of psychotherapy: individual (youth, adults, seniors), couples, family and group.

We are particularly sensitive to the important issues facing today’s LGBTQ, queer and questioning community members and caring others. If you are interested in our counseling services, please contact us at 773.472.6469 EXT 460 or email

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Therapy and Support Groups

Center on Halsted provides a variety of group services, including support and therapy groups, and wellness-based workshops. These services are meant to connect and unite LGBTQ individuals and allies who share similar issues and struggles and are working on making changes in their lives. Participation is fee-based, and space in each group is limited.

To participate in any of our groups, interested parties will need to do a brief registration with a group facilitator. In this registration process, you will be asked to complete either a brief phone screening or in-person interview. Fee negotiation may be available for those who cannot afford the full fee.

For more information on current and upcoming groups, click here

Incident Reporting & Assistance

Reporting Violence
Many incidents of violence experienced by LGBTQ, queer, questioning or HIV-affected people go unreported due to fears of discrimination or humiliation. Recognizing barriers that a survivor of violence faces, we do not pressure callers or clients to file reports or pursue legal action. If a survivor does pursue legal action, our team is ready to work with them at their comfort level, every step of the way. Survivors also have the opportunity to file an anonymous report with the Anti-Violence Project. This report will be used solely to document experiences of discrimination, abuse and violence, creating a clearer picture of the lives of LGBTQ, queer, questioning and HIV-affected people in our region.

Counseling for survivors of abuse and violence is provided by Center on Halsted's team of trained mental health providers. Survivors of violence can include those who are direct victims as well as witnesses and significant others impacted by the effects of abuse and violence. Counseling can provide support and stability during what can feel like unstable times for survivors. Contact us at the numbers below.

If you are a survivor of violence and need support, call our LGBTQ Violence Resource Line at 773.871.CARE (2273).

Student Training 

Center on Halsted provides clinical training opportunities for graduate students looking to become clinicians and who want a structured learning environment for their internship or field placement. Click here for more information about opportunities at Center on Halsted.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Center on Halsted Mental Health team utilizes the services of seasoned mental health professionals by having them on our team of volunteer therapists. Therapists who volunteer with the Center on Halsted enjoy a number of benefits including: 
  • Giving back to the LGBTQ community.
  • Regular clinical consultation groups with other experienced professionals.
  • In-service trainings on current trends and issues in mental health care.
  • Networking at the Midwest’s largest LGBTQ Community Center.
Please contact the Director, Mental Health and Youth Services, Claudia Mosier, Psy.D. at 773.472.6469 EXT 483 to discuss being a volunteer psychotherapist.

Sexual Orientation Gender Institute (SOGI)

The Sexual Orientation and Gender Institute (SOGI) is part of the Mental Health Department at Center on Halsted and has two primary focuses: First is to provide high level seminars on a variety of LGBTQ clinical topics for both clinicians and students. Second is to engage in advocacy by raising interest in and increasing the quality of LGBTQ related research. Center on Halsted is the host for the annual LGBTQ Health and Wellness conference with IMPACT, the LGBT Health and Development Program at Northwestern University. Click here for information about this year’s conference and here for information on submitting research.

Contact Us

If you would like more information or to set up an appointment, please contact us at 773.472.6469 EXT 460 or email

If you or someone you know is a survivor of anti-LGBTQ or HIV discrimination, hate violence, domestic abuse, sexual violence or assault, or police abuse or violence, please call our LGBTQ Violence Resource Line at 773.871.CARE (2273) Monday–Friday from 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

If you are a licensed clinician or are training to become one and would like more information on our volunteer and student training opportunities, please contact our Director of Behavioral Health Training at 773.472.6469 EXT 402 or email


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