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Friday, January 18, 2019
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Center on Halsted


LQBTQ Artists Gallery Opening Exhibit launches on Friday, January 18, from 6:00-8:00 pm. The opening night event is the official premiere of the work by artists from Marwen & Marlon Lyles. Opening night reception will include a cash bar.

2nd Floor Gallery • Marwen
3rd Floor Gallery • Marlon Lyles

2nd Floor - Marwen More Than A Headline: A Documentary Project

This project is a collaboration between Marwen and Center on Halsted. Marwen students, under the guidance of teaching artists Marta Garcia and Julia Kulon, were commissioned to create digital black and white photography and document stories of the youth at Center on Halsted. The eleven Marwen artists, who are in grades 10-12, aimed to capture the joy, expression, creativity, and humanity of Center on Halsted’s youth participants. The work consists of portraits and quotations that will be on display at Center on Halsted in the second floor gallery. This project was generously funded by Exelon Foundation.

3rd Floor • Marlon Lyles

As a native Chicagoan I found a passion for art later in life. A former teacher now a perpetual student, I explore the seen and unseen, the beauty of geometry, the infinite number of patterns as well as movement and emotion in my work. What is underneath, behind, partially seen or hides in plain sight are subjects of my work. Circles, lines and their infinite combinations comprise the geometric approach to my art. My love of dance, whether an observer or participant, appears in my work through its fluid strength, power and fragility. At times all of these influences come together to create a piece that makes you smile, laugh, invoke humor, conflict, drama or another emotion. Basic drafting tools help me create clean lines, intricate designs, delicate patterns and bold images by hand. I love the ease and tidiness of using ink on various types of paper. The sound as the pen or marker glides along the paper, stipples or makes marks is a call to be present. Creating this work is a meditative process. I hope my work moves and inspires its viewers.  

$5 Donations Welcome

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