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Sunday, May 26, 2019
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Center on Halsted


Unleash the Wild Within
Ancient Wisdom meets Modern Innovation

Join us for our second installment of SheWolf! 

SheWolf Sacred Movement is a global purpose revolution to venerate the embodied feminine soul. SheWolf aims to provide intersectional feminist approaches to community + collective liberation.

Through interdisciplinary artistic mediums, we create a process + platform for stories of divine resilience. Our intention is to center voices, bodies, + hearts that have been impacted by violence, marginalization, disempowerment, oppression, + imbalances. As a channel of unity consciousness, performers + audience alike move + witness to engage in collective transformation + liberation. Our works range from ancient ritual practices + classical cultural dances to contemporary expressions + exchanges. All are welcome; come as you are.

Founder, Artistic Director, Choreographer: 
Julie Brannen
Producer, Choreographer: Sarah Lemley
Choreographers: Krystle Aguilera, Jen Halman, Sondra Malling, Tracy Mihaljevic

Guest Artists 
Frediliza David
Gabriela Mejia
Ellen Dancer
Jane Justice 
Jean Edrada
Radia Ali
Veronika Nelson 
Tara Luther
Gaea Lady
Catherine Hepler 
JCSpace Radio 
Huu Nguyen 
Audrey Herrington 
Karen Lum
Laksha Dantran
Brandice Manuel 
Sojourner Zenobia

Theresa Fernandez // Antonia Callas // Ellen Geis // Cassandra Justine // Theresa Venus // Laura Monsreal // Lizzie Monsreal // Teria Stamatis // Sierra Buffum // Janine Tvrz // Heidi Woelbling // Madelyn Hughes // Courtney Elizabeth Ticsay // Lettie Sullivan // Vivian Sakellariou // Ashley Meyer // Karen Lum // Jordan Lohf // Sarah Winkler // Cher Nicolas
Norma BUcholtz // Sabrina Washington // Becca Wiseman // Maura Tobin // E’a Williams // Emily Cesa // Monica Cassanova // Shannon Tudor // Simran Shakti Kaur // Bridgette Hammond // Kavi Elijah 

Musicians / Drummers 
Jen Halman ~ djembe, dun duns 
Victoria Boateng ~ djembe 
Lexi Weintraub ~ djembe 
Belinda Kimmons ~ dun duns 
Octavia Marie Madeleine ~ cello 
Olya Prohorova ~ violin 
Matthew Gallagher ~ cello 
Sam Bianchini ~ guitar 

We request a tiered pricing system for the event. Our goal is to present high quality work that equally supports our artists + is financially accessible to our audience. 

To support this idea, we ask you to think honestly about 2 questions: 
How much value does this performance / experience hold for you?
What can you truly afford? 

Reduced – $20
Standard – $30 
Supportive – $50

We invite all ages, racial, cultural identities, ethnic groups, gender expressions, + socio-economic groups that support the rising of feminine energy + desire a restore to balance for equality, power, + harmonious exchange.

The performance space is ADA compliant, wheelchair accessible, and with an ASL interpreter.


Reduced – $20
Standard – $30 
Supportive – $50


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