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Friday, August 16, 2013
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Center on Halsted


Come enjoy the work of artists Colin Davis (photography) and Jim Frohliger (photography) at our gallery opening. A cash bar will be available.

Their works will be featured in the gallery from August 16 through October 1. See below for more about the artists.


Colin Davis

There is no theme. A conscious decision on my part to present a range of my artistic inklings. I purposefully wanted to push beyond my own artistic comfort zones, eschewing slick physiques for something more in the moment. Something uncomfortable. The literal manifestation of this discomfort is Knees. The spiritual manifestation, Modern Angels. The formalistic version is in the Flowers.

Documentary and slyly sexual, Knees reveals as much about the lives of the men as you want to decode. It’s all there, from the waist down.


Modern Angels explores the gap between classic angel archetypes (fluffy wings and chubby toddlers) and our modern approach to myths (cough, Christopher Nolan, cough). In this world, a transsexual Gabriel tweets the apocalypse, Lucifer cuts himself and Michael battles cancer... in addition to the forces of evil. I was interested in depicting an angel where “failings”, “defects” or “flaws” are all part of a divine being. I attempted to treat the topic with an open-minded gravitas: serious but not staid, unconventional but not quite sacrilegious. 


The Flowers were tied to the Angels – a color and a flower for the angel. Broader than the biblical character, the still lifes evoke infernos, corruption, battlefield corpses and a memorial.


Jim Frohliger


I've always been curious, which as a boy meant wandering streams over turning rocks and probing the hidden places for new discoveries. Flash forward decades later and now instead of streams it's Chicago.  With the encouragement of my life partner, I started exploring the neighborhoods, parks and downtown Chicago returning to tell him of my adventures for that day through photographs.  When I started out on these photo junkets I had no idea how diverse Chicago environments are and how my pride for Chicago would grow as I discovered it's visual treasures.

 Eager to see what others had seen and to share the sites I'd capture, I joined Meetup Chicago and Flickr and a whole other side of photography revealed itself to me.  I was blown away by the friendly and highly encouraging photography community which only motivated me more to sharpen my skills and to help others do the same.  What started out as curiosity has netted years of photographed stories and many new friendships with stories to tell themselves.      


$5 suggested donation, Cash bar

Please contact Community and Cultural Programs, at or call (773) 472-6469 ext. 459

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