Thank you for your interest in donating securities to support the mission and programs of Center on Halsted! To make a gift of stock, please contact Rhett Lindsay at 773.661.0909 or with the following information:
  • your name
  • your phone number
  • name of the investment
  • number of shares
  • intended purpose of the gift
  • expected date of stock transfer
This way, we can make sure that the stock transfer happens according to your wishes and we can properly recognize your generous contribution. After we are notified that your donated securities were received, we will acknowledge your gift with the information you need for your tax records.


  1. What amount can a donor take as a tax deduction?

    The donor receives a total charitable contribution for the average or median value of the HIGH and the LOW of the stock on the day that it was transferred.
    Example: If the average price per share was $10.00, and 100 shares were donated, the total value of the donation would be $1,000.00.

  2. If a stock is donated to us to satisfy an existing pledge, what dollar amount is credited to the pledge?

    The total value of the donation, as seen in the example above, is the amount that would be applied to the pledge.

  3. What if the stock is sold at higher or lower price than the average price that was credited to a pledge? Do we adjust the amount that is credited to a pledge?

    No, the donor is credited for the value of the donation as seen in the above example.

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