Advocacy and Community Engagement, or ACE, is the next stage of Center on Halsted’s three-year strategic goal to “advance the impact of Center on Halsted through advocacy.” By providing coaching and consultation, ACE will lead staff in integrating the gears model into all program areas, with the ultimate goal of creating systemic change that improves the overall social, cultural and political landscape for the LGBTQ community. Furthermore, ACE works to engage Center on Halsted patrons and clients around issues important to the entire community. Center on Halsted’s legal and training programs are also administered by the ACE Coordinator.

Programs and Services

Legal Clinic and Referrals

Center on Halsted’s legal program works with an extensive network of LGBTQ-friendly attorneys to provide our community with access to legal resources. Through a short phone conversation, callers to the legal program can either receive referrals to Center on Halsted-affirmed attorneys (who have shown evidence of LGBTQ competence and friendliness) or schedule an appointment with a volunteer attorney at our weekly legal clinic.

Appointments are 45 minutes in length, and can provide basic information about the issue, possible options and/or referrals to other legal advocacy groups or other social service resources. These appointments are not intended for individuals who are looking for legal representation, but instead for individuals needing more information. Individuals who have more complex needs or who require representation can access referrals to LGBTQ-affirming attorneys through our legal phone line.

To speak with someone from Center on Halsted or to schedule an appointment, call 773-661-0779 or email

Legal Seminars

Throughout the year, Center on Halsted works with attorneys, volunteers and other agencies to provide seminars, classroom training and workshops on different legal topics important to the LGBTQ community such as civil union laws, adoption, estate planning and transgender rights. Please check out the calendar for upcoming legal seminars.

If you have an idea for a legal seminar and would like to propose it to the Legal Program team, please feel free to contact us below.

Professional Training

In addition, we provide regular training to law enforcement agencies, court personnel, rape crisis workers, domestic violence organizations, government agencies, hospitals, mental health providers, schools and community centers about the specific needs facing LGBTQ, queer, questioning and HIV-affected victims and survivors of violence. Our training is available to any group or organization interested in issues of discrimination, safety and advocacy. This service is fee based. For further information, contact the Training Delivery Manager at 773.472.6469 EXT 412 or email

Incident Reporting & Assistance

LGBTQ Violence Resource Line: 773.871.CARE (2273)

Center on Halsted LGBTQ Violence Resource Line was created in response to the growing need for victim assistance for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and HIV-positive (LGBTQH) people. It is the only LGBTQ-specific program committed to addressing violence against and within LGBTQ communities in Illinois. It has become a cornerstone of recovery for many LGBTQH victims, witnesses, and friends of those who have experience bias/discrimination, or domestic, sexual, hate or police violence in the Chicago area. Very few other organizations provide victim assistance that meets the needs of this population—needs which continue to exceed available community resources. The LGBTQ Violence Resource line is answered during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, and callers can expect a response within one business day. The line can provide callers with safety planning, information and referrals, personal, legal and media advocacy, public outreach and education, and crisis counseling. There are no fees for Violence Resource Line services. Contact the LGBTQ Violence Resource Line at 773.871.CARE (2273) or at

Contact Us

If you would like more information about our programs, contact 773-661-0779 or email


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