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Join Center on Halsted for the Largest Women's Event of the year! H.E.R. Day is an afternoon of workshops dedicated to Women's health, education, and recreation. The day will start with a lunch sponsored by aParent IVF, and continue on into a diverse selection of workshop topics for female identified individuals. Your $12 H.E.R. Day ticket will give you access to all the days events, lunch sponsored by aParent IVF and a special keynote address from activist and mother Judy Shepard at 11am.


Judy Shepard (11am - 11:30am)
President, MSF Governing Board

In October 1998, Judy and Dennis Shepard lost their 21 year-old son, Matthew, to a murder motivated by anti-gay hate. Matthew's death moved many thousands of people around the world to attend vigils and rallies in his memory. Determined to prevent others from suffering their son's fate, Judy and Dennis decided to turn their grief into action and established the Matthew Shepard Foundation to carry on Matthew's legacy. The Foundation is dedicated to working toward the causes championed by Matthew during his life: social justice, diversity awareness & education, and equality for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people.

Judy Shepard is the founding president of the Matthew Shepard Foundation Board of Directors, and served as its first executive director as well, from 1999 to 2009. In her continuing role as board president, she travels across the nation speaking to audiences about what they can do as individuals and communities to make this world a more accepting place for everyone, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, sex, gender identity and expression, or sexual orientation. Speaking from a mother's perspective, Judy also authored a 2009 memoir, "The Meaning of Matthew," exploring the family's journey through the prosecution of Matthew's assailants, the ensuing media coverage, and their continuing work to advance civil rights. She and Dennis continue to make their home in Casper, Wyoming. To learn more about the Matthew Shepard Foundation please visit


Lunch is sponsored by aParent IVF (12:15pm - 1pm)

In Vitro Fertilization for LGBT Couples, presented by Colleen Wagner Coughlin of aParent IVF Colleen Wagner Coughlin, aParent IVF Laboratory Director and experienced embryologist, will explain how aParentIVF can help LGBT couples explore their parenting options. She will cover topics ranging from family building in the LGBT community and fertility preservation and more. A Q&A for participants will follow a short video explaining what happens during the process of in vitro fertilization (IVF).


Feeling Sexy in Your Skin (1pm - 2pm)
JULIA M. RAHN, PH. D., Director, Studio For Change® and Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Julia Rahn is a Clinical Psychologist with more than fifteen years of experience in helping people meet their individual and family goals. Her key to success is working with the whole person who has many different aspects and using creative interventions to promote change. It soon became clear to her that the best way to serve her clients is to collect all of her therapeutic efforts and resources under one roof. Dr. Julia is the head of the Studio for Change®, a therapy practice staffed by nine therapists who specialize in individual, family, and couples' counseling. Around the practice, she built Flourish Studios®, a relaxed atmosphere where people can learn to create positive change in their lives through education, art, therapy and other resources. From empowering art to unusual greeting cards, developmental games and puzzles, and products that stimulate the creative spirit, Flourish Studios® is a unique place where people can find what they need to feel better.

Parenting of Transgender or gender non-conforming children (1pm - 2pm)
Jennifer Carr, author of Be Who You Are
Jennifer Carr, author of Be Who You Are. Be Who You Are was written to open minds and hearts to the concept of children who do not identify with their birth gender. Gender diverse or transgender children are often misunderstood, ridiculed, physically assaulted or shamed into acting contrary to how they feel causing lasting and damaging effects.

Menopause (2pm - 3pm)
Magda Houlberg, MD Vice President & Chief Medical Officer, Howard Brown
Magda joined Howard Brown in 2008 as its Director of Geriatric Medicine and became Chief Clinical Officer in 2011. Her medical practice focus includes LGBT aging, HIV medicine, health promotion and interdisciplinary medical care for populations at risk.

INTERSEX LIVES – Issues & Personal Stories (2pm - 3pm)
Who is intersex? What is it like to live as an intersex person? Meet intersex people and hear their personal stories! Learn about their issues and concerns?
Veronica Drantz, Phd
Veronica Drantz holds a Ph.D. in animal physiology and has taught science to medical professionals most of her life. Formerly a tenured full professor and founder of Chicago's first electroneurodiagnostic technology college program as well as a popular public speaker to the medical community, Veronica continues to serve as science professor in a doctoral anesthesia program where she has taught for thirty-eight years. Dr. Drantz has reviewed the scientific literature accumulated over the last fifty years on intersexuality, sexual orientation, and sexual identity; and speaks to the public about this research and its social ramifications.

Introduction to Yoga (3pm - 4pm)
Learn the basics of yoga in this one-hour workshop taught by yoga instructor Jennifer Carr. Absolutely no experience with yoga is required, and after this session, you should feel comfortable taking any beginner-level yoga classes.

Health Pride (3pm - 4pm)
A fun and engaging one-hour workout taught by DeAnna Bellamy of Body Revolution. No prior workout experience required.


Your $12 H.E.R. Day ticket will give you access to all the days events, lunch sponsored by aParent IVF and a special keynote address from activist and mother Judy Shepard at 11am at no additional charge.



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