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The Education and Victim Advocacy team works to reduce bias and violence in the lives of LGBT, queer, questioning and HIV-affected people. Our professionally-trained team provides both advocacy and emotional support for individuals who have experienced violence or discrimination. We offer educational resources and training for the entire community as part of our efforts to build a less violent and more affirming society. Services are free and confidential.

Programs and Services

Anti-Violence Project 

Our Anti-Violence Project provides both crisis support and ongoing services for LGBT, queer, questioning and HIV-affected survivors of abuse and violence.

  • 24-Hour Crisis Line
    If you or someone you know is a survivor of anti-LGBT, queer, questioning or HIV discrimination, hate violence, domestic abuse, sexual violence or assault or police abuse or violence, please call our 24-hour Crisis Line at (773) 871-CARE or 871-2273.  

    Support is available in both English and Spanish.

    The 24-Hour Crisis Line is staffed by professionally-trained volunteers who provide emotional and practical support, including assisting callers with planning for their safety in abusive or violent situations. To ensure consistent and sensitive responses, the Crisis Line follows strict procedures. When a call is received, an operator will ask for name, nature of situation and level of urgency. The operator will either contact a Crisis Line volunteer to immediately respond or provide callers who state they are not in need of an immediate crisis response to the appropriate staff member for support. 

    Caller safety is our highest priority. Therefore, Crisis Line calls are confidential. Staff and volunteers will not leave a voicemail or a message with someone other than the primary caller. Callers unable to wait for and accept a return phone call are asked to call the Crisis Line back from a safe and private telephone. 

  • Incident Reporting Assistance
    Many incidents of violence experienced by LGBT, queer, questioning or HIV-affected people go unreported due to fears of discrimination or humiliation. Recognizing barriers that a survivor of violence faces, we do not pressure callers or clients to file reports or pursue legal action. If a survivor does pursue legal action, our team is ready to work with them at their comfort level, every step of the way. Survivors also have the opportunity to file an anonymous report with the Anti-Violence Project. This report will be used solely to document experiences of discrimination, abuse and violence, creating a clearer picture of the lives of LGBT, queer, questioning and HIV-affected people in our region. 

  • Counseling
    Counseling for survivors of abuse and violence is provided by Center on Halsted’s team of trained mental health providers.  Survivors of violence can include those who are direct victims as well as witnesses and significant others impacted by the effects of abuse and violence. Counseling can provide support and stability during what can feel like unstable times for survivors. Contact us at the numbers below or visit our Mental Health programs page for more information.

  • Court Accompaniment & Victim Advocacy 
    As advocates, Anti-Violence Project staff work to ensure that survivors of violence and discrimination receive sensitive, appropriate and timely responses from the police, courts, employers and social service providers. Advocates will accompany survivors to court proceedings, including assisting with petitions for protective orders and filing police or discrimination reports. 

Violence Prevention

Center on Halsted is committed to raising awareness about the realities of violence in the lives of LGBT, queer, questioning and HIV-affected people. As part of these efforts, we regularly facilitate workshops and community panels to educate the larger community about violence and discrimination. Classes on healthy relationships and financial wellness are offered to the community in order to empower community members to prevent violence and re-victimization.Check out our calendar for information on upcoming events.

Professional Training 

In addition, we provide regular training to law enforcement agencies, court personnel, rape crisis workers, domestic violence organizations, government agencies, hospitals, mental health providers, schools and community centers about the specific needs facing LGBT, queer, questioning and HIV-affected victims and survivors of violence. Our training is available to any group or organization interested in issues of discrimination, safety and advocacy. This service is fee based. For further information, contact the Training Delivery Manager at (773) 472-6469, ext. 470 or email

Legal Services

Center on Halsted works with volunteer attorneys and local legal organizations who provide friendly, competent information and referrals at no cost.  All volunteers identify as LGBT or are LGBT competent. For more information, please visit our Legal Services and Resources page.

National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs

Center on Halsted is a founding and active member of the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP).  NCAVP works to prevent, respond to, and end all forms of violence against and within lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and HIV-affected communities. NCAVP is a national coalition of local member programs, affiliate organizations and individuals who create systemic and social change. We strive to increase power, safety and resources through data analysis, policy advocacy, education and technical assistance. For more information, visit

Contact Us 

If you are a survivor of violence and need immediate support, call the 24-hour Crisis Line at (773) 871-CARE (871-2273). 

If you would like more information about our programs, contact the Director of Education and Victim Advocacy at (773) 472-6469, ext. 224 or email


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