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Thursday, September 17, 2020
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Center on Halsted


Center on Halsted hosts several peer-led Community Groups who meet regularly for discussion, activity, and socializing.  The Center provides a supportive space for these groups to gather and collaborate within the LGBTQ and Allied communities.  
This Radical Aliveness Community Group; COME ALIVE TO YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF AND AWAKEN THE RADICALLY ALIVE LEADER WITHIN! Move beyond your individual focus and uncover the raw expression of your most honest self, in our wildly experiential and supportive group approach. Far-reaching discoveries arise through somatic process, deep feeling and awareness work — leading to more self- awareness, cultural sensitivity and skills to create effective change in all areas of your life and world. As you embrace multiple perspectives and explore the freedom of true self-expression, you learn how to experience the powerful feelings of others without needing to mold or tame them. You become a radically alive leader — filled with fresh insights, ingenious solutions and new possibilities. 

A passionate and influential change agent in a rapidly changing world. 

CREATE POSITIVE CHANGE THROUGHOUT THE WORLD; RA offers groundbreaking personal and societal insights and skills to people from all over the world in all different circumstances. It’s a clear map of how to navigate difficult and complex situations. Providing the tools that can create positive change in individuals, groups and societies is at the core of RADICAL ALIVENESS. The RA approach is a raw, experiential and supportive, group process where deep discoveries arise in self- awareness, cultural sensitivity and social systems. It’s a safe place to express deep emotions and discover the power of true self-expression. 

PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION; We facilitate personal transformation with the goal of providing people with the insights and abilities to create positive social change. It’s important to communicate the connection between personal transformation and positive social change to separate RAI from other approaches. We encourage others to welcome all their feelings as a vehicle to self responsibility, new awareness of self and others. This creates room to transform yourself and become the leader for the change you want to see in the world. 

CREATING RADICALLY ALIVE LEADERS There are many paths to leadership and many kinds of leaders. Radically alive leaders come from a place of deep self-knowledge and they know how to experience the powerful feelings of others without needing to mold or tame them. Radically alive leaders are particularly adept at generating fresh insights, ingenious solutions and new possibilities, as they become influential change agents in a constantly changing world.



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