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LGBTQ Competency Training

It is Center on Halsted's mission to advance the community and secure the health and well-being of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) people of Chicagoland. One of the many ways Center on Halsted does this is by providing high quality trained facilitators to help strengthen individual organizational competencies and knowledge about the community. Our trainings are intended to be judgment free, trauma informed and supportive spaces.

Generally, these trainings last 2 hours and are most productive with 1 facilitator for every 20 people. We offer several pre-planned trainings and we do a great deal of customized work depending on the individual business' needs. In addition, we provide regular training to law enforcement agencies, court personnel, rape crisis workers, domestic violence organizations, government agencies, hospitals, mental health providers, schools and community centers about the specific needs facing LGBTQ, queer, questioning and HIV-affected victims and survivors of violence. Our training is available to any group or organization interested in issues of discrimination, safety and advocacy. This service is fee based.

Rate 1 Trainer (20 People) Technical Assistance
Non-profit (Chicago Location) $400/2 hour $150/hour
Presentation Only $200 Honorarium/presentation  
For-profit (Chicago Location) $1,000/2 hour $200/hour
Presentation Only $500 Honorarium/presentation  

Training materials: We will NOT provide hard copies of training materials, however we will provide PDF electronic versions for your use after the workshop. We will send materials electronically and ask your organization to be responsible for all printing and distribution of materials to attendees. We ask that you protect the integrity of our work and materials by NOT sharing them with others who do not attend training events we facilitate.

Travel: All travel costs for out of town trainings are at the client's expense.

*On a limited basis reduced rate workshops and presentations can be made available.
*Domestic violence organizations may request subsidized assistance.

To be considered for a reduced rate please submit answers to the following questions:
  1. What is the information/knowledge you are seeking and why?
  2. What is your financial need? How much are you able to pay for the services you are seeking?
  3. What is the change you hope to see after this work is underway?
To request a training or further information, please email us at

LGBTQ Speaker's Bureau

Another way we accomplish our mission is by empowering volunteers to share their individual stories to raise awareness and educate the larger community on the issues that impact LGBTQ people. Our LGBTQ Speaker's Bureau is a group of dedicated volunteers that visit schools, companies, houses of worship, civic organizations and other meeting places across Chicagoland throughout the year. It gives us the opportunity to share our own stories and discuss the LGBTQ movement and it gives the audience an opportunity to meet LGBTQ individuals, ask questions in a safe space and have a real, honest conversation about LGBTQ issues.

To help defray the costs of running the LGBTQ Speaker's Bureau, we ask organizations to pay a standard honorarium—$500 for corporations and for-profit organizations and $150 for non-profit organizations. If your organization is unable to pay the full honorarium, we will be happy to work with you. We will not turn away any organization, regardless of ability to pay.

To request a speaker or to get more information about the LGBTQ Speaker's Bureau at Center on Halsted, please contact us at

LGBTQ Senior Voice

Our LGBTQ Senior Voice program is another way volunteers educate and engage the community specifically on the unique history and needs of the LGBTQ older adult community. Our volunteers in Senior Voice participate in special training seminars and build the skills to become a public advocate for LGBTQ older adults.

To request a speaker from the LGBTQ Senior Voice program, please contact Britta Larson, Director of Senior Services at Center on Halsted at or 773.472.6469 EXT 445. We ask that organizations support our LGBTQ Senior Voice program with a $200 honorarium for requests for competency training specifically for LGBTQ older adults.

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