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Training & Public Education

LGBTQ Competency Training

It is Center on Halsted's mission to advance the community and secure the health and well-being of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) people of Chicagoland. One of the many ways Center on Halsted does this is by providing high quality trained facilitators to help strengthen individual organizational competencies and knowledge about the community. Our trainings are intended to be judgment free, trauma informed and supportive spaces.

Center on Halsted’s Training & Public Education Institute provides customized trainings to any group’s needs.

Trainings are available in a variety of formats including:

  1. 1-hour “Lunch & Learn” format (45 mins of presentation and 15 mins of Q&A)
  2. 90 min training workshops
  3. 2-hour training workshops

Trainings can be virtual or in person.


LGBTQ 101, Allyship, & Workplace Inclusion is our most requested training. These three topics can be combined and customized into a single 90 min or 2-hour training, or can be presented as three separate installments. NOTE: all three topics cannot be covered in the 1-hour “Lunch & Learn” format.

LGBTQ 101 and Allyship:

  • Participants will learn foundations of LGBTQ terminology, the importance of pronouns, and aspects of allyship. The terminology reviewed covers gender identity, sex assigned at birth, orientation, the LGBTQIA+ acronym, and gender expression. Elements of LGBTQ experience, such as coming out, transition, and visibility, will also be covered. Participants will learn what pronouns are, how to ask for someone’s pronouns, and how to correct someone/themselves if they make a mistake. The allyship section covers what allyship is and actionable steps for being an effective ally at home and in the workplace.

  • LGBTQ Workplace Inclusion:

  • As companies and organizations work toward a more inclusive workplace, it is important to keep LGBTQ employees at the forefront. In this training, participants explore how employers can make a deeper commitment to their LGBTQ employees, beyond just celebrating the month of June. Questions such as ‘How do we cultivate an environment of inclusion?’ and ‘How do we ensure transgender and gender non-binary employees are supported in company policies and hiring practices?’ will be addressed. This training can be customized to work with your organization’s DEI goals and policies, or depending upon the audience, help to explain the importance of certain polities.

  • Transgender and Gender Non-Binary:

  • Participants will dive deeper into understanding Transgender and Gender Non-Binary (TGNB) identities, the various identities that fall under TGNB, information about supporting someone who is TGNB, and how violence and issues today impact TGNB communities.

  • Family Support & Supporting LGBTQ Youth:

  • In this training, participants will learn how to support family and friends who are exploring gender and sexual identity. Questions such as ‘How do we speak with children and young people about gender identity?’ and ‘How do I support a young person who is LGBTQ?’ will be addressed. Statistics on youth experience and resources on supporting youth will be shared.

  • Supporting Survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence:

  • Participants will learn the dynamics of domestic violence and sexual violence and how LGBTQ communities are impacted differently. This training includes information about trauma, violence, and assault. Participants will learn the barriers to LGBTQ survivors in receiving support and resources, how to support survivors, and information about the Anti Violence Project.

  • Don’t see the topic you’re interested in? Reach out to the Manager of Training & Public Education today and we can most likely create a training on that topic! Previous custom requests include:

    1. 1-hour “Lunch & Learn” format (45 mins of presentation and 15 mins of Q&A)
    2. History of Pride / Why Pride Still Matters
    3. Trans Day of Visibility
    4. Trans Day of Remembrance
    5. National Coming Out Day
    6. More!

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