Center on Halsted’s Youth Housing Program has joined forces with Rebuild Foundation to bring LGBTQA youth experiencing homelessness or housing instability, out of homelessness and into the power of being connected to a supportive community.

Housing is foundational in the life of a young person. If stably housed and supported emotionally, young people will soon thrive. Given this, the Center is housing up to 8 LGBTQA Youth in two apartments. This program works with the unique experiences of each participant to design a plan that meets their needs while moving them toward independence.

The program will also help these youth ground themselves in community. The apartments are part of Rebuild’s neighborhood revitalization of Greater Grand Crossing and residents in the neighborhood are central to these efforts. As part of the community, the youth can participate in:

  • communal gardening and bring home fresh vegetables
  • poetry readings and performing arts events
  • volunteer efforts in the neighborhood like Alt Market
  • neighborhood social time like free weekly films at the Arts Bank Cinema
  • workforce development opportunities with Dorchester Industries

This program is truly trauma informed. Funding through the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority, allowed the Center to hire staff that values the resiliency of the youth and understands that helping the youth navigate their trauma sets them up for success.

The staff includes two case managers and Behavioral Health staff and Anti-Violence Project staff, including a part time community organizer who will work with the youth to integrate into community based anti-violence efforts.

Who is eligible for Center on Halsted’s Youth Housing Initiative?

  • LGBTQ+ youth
  • aged 18 to 24
  • experiencing homelessness or housing instability
  • experience(s) of violence
  • enrolled and active in the Center on Halsted Youth Program

Who can I reach out to for more information?

For media inquiries, please reach out to

For material and monetary donations, please reach out to Development staff at

Luke Romesberg (he/him), Director of Youth Housing Program, EXT 431
Alena Limthongviratn (she/they), Youth Case Manager, EXT 407
Mateo Villanuevaz (any pronouns, respectfully), Youth Care Coordinator, EXT 255

Looking to help? Please visit our Youth Registry at Target to learn more about which items are needed to furnish our housing units.

Youth Registry

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